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Learning Has a Brand New Friend!

Socrates knows what your child needs – automatically!


Always adjusts to keep kids on track.

Drives effort with fun games and rewards.

Socrates can guide your child or you can take over anytime.

Coming Soon: Social Studies, Languages, and more!

Users Love It


Dr. Ronald R. Heezen, Ph.D. Executive Director, Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

Libraries have an increasing role as community education centers including for homeschooling. Socrates is a great online educational tool that helps meet these needs in a highly effective way and should be offered by all libraries.

Play More – Learn More

Creates a one-on-one learning experience.


Identifies where the kids needs help and then adapts.

Adjusts to struggling or “flying along” real-time student behavior.

Constantly updates the learning pathway in real-time.

Library Features

Endless questions across common core standard aligned categories.


Not just multiple choice – educational content includes story problems and multi-part answers.

Children have a powerful selection of assistors to help them as they answer questions.

Kids Love It


Age 7

It’s really fun and easy, very cool. I rate this 5 stars!


Age 10

Socrates is great and it is so much fun to learn this way. I wish I could play this all day…


Age 12

Socrates is so creative and clever and a great way to keep kids interested in learning.

Rewards That Drive Effort

Games and Gamification: Integrated, Customized, Expansive.

Integration of learning content with the games.

The play-and-learn games work across all subjects and grades.

Real world rewards for in-game currency.

Broad Range of Content


Constant updates alert parents to where kids need help the most.

K-8: Math
K-5: English Language Arts and Science.


Content adapts and grows as the student advances grades.


Multilingual and cross-cultural support.

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