Socrates Partner Program

How it Works

The Socrates Partner Program rewards partners based on (A) the type of interaction, and (B) the level of interaction. We’ve created it to make you even more successful – no matter what success means to you as a partner. With our partners, we form an agreement for cooperation or collaboration with the goal of creating a synergy wherein each of us will benefit more than from our efforts alone. Overall, our Socrates Partner Program allows each partner to pool resources while concentrating on their competitive advantage and simultaneously growing their business.

Knowledge & resource sharing
Opportunity to reach new markets
Access to new customers
Economies of scale
Increased brand awareness
Access to supplementary services.

Socrates Partner Program

Technology & Business Partners
Technology & Business Partners provide technology solutions, platform components, business components, business services, resources and infrastructure items that are desirable to the Socrates Learning Platform or desirable for the business itself.

Academic & Research Partners
Academic & Research Partners provide academic support, academic contributions, research, resources, and research and development funding.

Community Partners
Community Partners provide sponsorship or in-kind donations for the contents of individual Socrates modules, sponsorship of gamification components or sponsorship of schools and libraries subscriptions.

Introductory & Reseller Partners
Introductory & Reseller Partners are persons authorized to generate Socrates customer referrals or persons authorized to resell the Socrates platform and products. The Socrates STARS Program is within this partner category.

Platform & Content Partners
Platform & Content Partners are third-party content providers authorized to deliver their content on the Socrates Learning Platform or provide content for the various Socrates products