STARS Program

Join the Socrates STARS Program

The Socrates STARS Program is an innovative program that allows individuals to become actively involved in expanding the use of Socrates in schools and libraries.  The goal is to spread Socrates across the country.

How You Can Help

Help us to spread the word about Socrates in your area and earn extra income!

“Our STARS Program is a great way for you to be involved in spreading the word of Socrates and helping our kids get the education they need and deserve. Get in touch with me today, and I’ll tell you more about the program!”

Candy Rosenberg

Director, STARS Program

Why does Socrates need help?

We want to spread Socrates across the country.  There are over 100,000 elementary schools and 10,000 libraries in the United States – we need help to connect with people in other markets.  Schools and libraries are more likely to respond to someone who they know or live in the area.

Am I able to help?

Anyone who is able to connect us with a decision maker at a school or library can help!   You may know a decision maker at a school or be able to connect with them to suggest they meet with us.  We typically need just 30 minutes to explain what we are doing and show them the Socrates software. If you can get us connected, we will do most of the work from there. Sign up one school or many schools.  If you want to pursue many opportunities – great! If you just want to connect us with a single school and then be done – that’s fine as well. There is no obligation or commitment – sign up one customer, or hundreds – it’s up to you.

How much can I earn?

We are offering anyone who connects us to a decision maker who then signs a contract a generous on-going payment. We provide Socrates for a trial period free of charge for several months – after the trial period is over if the school or library chooses to keep the software, payments to you will begin.

Depending on the exact modules, a purchase may range from $3,000-$6,000 per year with our existing products, and that will increase as more products are available.  A single location signing up from your referral should result in your receiving $1,200-$2,400 over three years. Remember, this is only for one location. If you enroll more locations, then you earn more!


Year 1

20% of payments received

Year 2

10% of payments received


Year 3+

10% of payments received

What products are available?

In addition to our Command Centers (Parent, Teacher and School) we currently have Math, English, and Testing and Benchmarking available, as well as special education (SPED) Math and English.  Science is expected later this year followed by Social Studies in Spring of 2019. More modules will be added over time. More middle school content is coming in the future.

What other opportunities are there?

Over time we will provide more information on other ways to make extra income with Socrates:

– Find a business to sponsor Socrates in a school
– Find a business or museum to sponsor an educational card pack
– Sign up parents for the VIP program (when available)

Who are the decision makers?

This can vary district by district.  At schools, it is typically a principal or learning strategist if the school has purchasing authority.  At libraries, it would be a learning director or youth services director of the library district.

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