Serious Learning
Seriously Fun

Learning Has a Brand New Friend!

Integrated home and classroom experience.

Automatically focuses each student on what they need to know.


Always adjusts to keep students on track.

Drives effort with fun games and rewards.

Teachers Love It


Kathleen Decker, Principal

The Socrates unique learning engine adjusts the content to precisely match the learning needs of each student, resulting in students learning at an increased pace. It provides teachers the knowledge of when and where each of their students needs are.


Deborah Amato, Teacher

Socrates is precisely what both my students and I needed to insure a successful progression, and I can focus more on individualized learning strategies. Students can advance at a much faster rate than when they are learning in traditional small/large groups. I can see exactly what they have learned, retained, and where additional assistance is needed.

Better Student Outcomes

Creates a one-to-one learning experience.

Constantly updates the learning pathway in real-time.

Adjusts to struggling or “flying along” real-time student behavior.


Identifies where the student needs help and then adapts.

Rewards that Drive Effort

Gamification keeps kids motivated with fun gaes and activities.

The play-and-learn games work across all subjects and grades.

Real world rewards for in-game currency.

Integrated games and learning content to drive engagement.

Students Love It


Age 7

It’s really fun and easy, very cool. I rate this 5 stars!


Age 10

Socrates is great and it is so much fun to learn this way. I wish I could play this all day…


Age 12

Socrates is so creative and clever and a great way to keep kids interested in learning.

Differentiated Learning Made Easy

No installation necessary – runs on computers, Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones.


Get involved as much as you want from Quick Mode to Advanced Mode.

Socrates optimizes the learning and engagement process.


Full-featured Command Center with every tool at your disposal.

Broad Range of Content

K-8: Math
K-5: English Language Arts and Science.


Content adapts and grows as the student advances grades.


Constant updates alert educators to where students need help.


Multilingual and cross-cultural (Teacher Command Center available in Spanish)

Proven to Excel

Analysis shows students using Socrates improve their test scores.

Socrates improves test scores of students on independent state exams.

Students who used Socrates outperformed students who did not by 18%.

Students who used Socrates with 500 minutes of engagement, or more, over the course of the school year performed 34% better!

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