“One of the biggest reasons we homeschool is because nobody knows or loves our children more than we do. Because we know them so well, we understand that each one is in a different place in their education. What makes Socrates so unique and effective is it recognizes the uniqueness of each student and tailors their course of instruction to where they are at, at that moment.”

Jennifer Flynn

Homeschooling Parent

Educators today are faced with a student population of unprecedented diversity in skill, knowledge and learning style. Compelled to meet the needs of every child under their tutelage, many educators attempt to differentiate their lessons, assignments, and assessments only to find themselves overwhelmed with extended planning sessions and paperwork.

Add time constraints and primitive technology to the equation and what was once a valiant effort to personalize a learning path for each student-group becomes an impossible endeavor.

As an educator, I found myself facing these obstacles day after day. I needed a tool that allowed me to deliver a truly personalized and engaging experience to each student; one that provided instant feedback into student progression so that I could adjust future lessons plans while the effort of doing so was still impactful.

The innovative Learning Engine in Socrates removes the obstacles and delivers on the needs of educators and students. The Learning Engine guides students along a tailored journey while providing teachers with real-time feedback, reporting tools and the ability to control the curriculum. The game-based learning engages the student, improves the learning experience, strengthens retention, and promotes continued use.

Math Instructor

Grades 9-12

“I wanted to provide my support for Education Revolution’s participation in the Small Business Innovation Program.

My daughter used the prototype of Socrates for three months. I have never seen her enjoy an educational game so much – and she has really improved her math skills during that time.

Before using Socrates, she used ABCMouse.com. However, Socrates is much more effective, and I like that I can use the Parent Portal to see how she is doing and help her along. Most importantly, she just likes it more – so she plays more.  I would very much like to see other children can use this amazing tool.”

A Parent

Kid Testimonials

“I really like this website and I think it’s good for all ages!”

Age 6

“The games were fun, I would give this app a 5/5.”

Age 7

“It’s really fun to answer questions and get a break to spend tokens and play games.”
Age 6

It was really easy to use. Right away you know where the games are. It’s really fun and the games are awesome. I’m rating it 5 stars!!!
Age 8

“It was really cool! I really like the games, especially Pizza Party and Memory.”
Age 9

“Socrates is fun! My favorite game is the pizza party.”

Age 7

“The games are awesome because help us remember what we did in the past.”

Age 7

“It’s really fun and easy, very cool. I rate this 5 stars!”

Age 10

“Socrates is better than Wii”
Age 8

“Socrates is so creative and clever and a great way to keep kids interested in learning.”

Age 15

 “Socrates is great and it is so much fun to learn this way. I wish I could play this all day…”

Age 12

“Awesome, so awesome!!!”

Age 8